Two legends come together.

By February 13, 2016Other

Two legends are coming together and both have no good words for David Wood. Is this the end of Empower Network?

David Sharpe posted on Facebook a few days ago about how the last few weeks have been ‘powerful’ for him. He posted , ‘ I had a former co-founder and biz partner slander my name, manipulate others and lie on me in ways I’ve never had anyone assault my reputation before.’


Mack Mills and David Sharpe
David Sharpe, Friday 12-02-2016, Facebook
Today Mack Mills posted an apology to David Sharpe saying,

“He’s a victim of the same slanderous, passive aggressive remarks that his former partner made about me, but I was too blind sided to see!”

David Sharpe replied with a facebook post saying:

“Remember this: what comes around goes around. If you do others wrong, the universe has a weird of way of eventually doing you wrong.”